Corporate Profile

FI Corporation performs the product development of health food and a supplement with individual added value, and is preparing the integrated system of production at all the processes from materials combination, fabrication, processing, bottling, and packaging under GMP authorization management of JIHFS. By the merit of efficiency and pliability, we correspond thoroughly according to market size and customer’s needs and a characteristic from small-lot production to quantity production. We produce many hot-selling products in the just-in-time delivery organization which does not miss the selling timing.

Corporate philosophy

We take pride in our company, contribute to society through the company’s business, and aim at fortunate coincidence of both development of a company and every employee. Based on a natural product, we provide customer and a society with beauty and health.

Management policy

We cherish a mutual trust relation with a customer, and good business connections, and both develop. We offer the places which can carry out self-actualization, creation and a challenge, and a satisfying to the employee.

Quality policy

  1. Our company does its best for correspondence of quality, cost, and time for delivery by all employees, and continues offering the product trusted by the customer.
  2. We observe a regulation and an agreement, and also establish voluntary standards based on corporate ethics, and work on the continuous improvement of the validity of quality management system.

About as

Company name FI Corporation Co., Ltd.
Contents Manufacture and Sale in commission of a Supplement and Health Food
Establishment March 27, 1991
Location Head Office & Factory:
3-182 Wakamiyaji Ginan-cho Hashima-gun Gifu-pref.
501-6005 JAPAN
E-mail: (First time contact)
Phone:(+81)-58-259-4711 FAX:(+81)-58-259-4717

Second Factory:
3-242-5 Tokuda Ginan-cho Hashima-gun Gifu-pref.
501-6016 JAPAN
Phone:(+81)-58-277-9009 FAX:(+81)-58-277-9008
President Tomoaki Enya
Corporate Officer Takumi  Fukuyama
The Number of Employees 55 employees
Member Organization


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