Pursue thoroughly

The material selected carefully!!

We are preparing the integrated system of production at all the processes from materials combination, fabrication, processing, bottling, and packaging.
By the merit of efficiency and pliability, we aim at the polite production design and process control which were united with market size or the special feature of the product from small-lot production to quantity production, and also produce many hot-selling products in the just-in-time delivery organization which does not miss the selling timing.

Hard capsule

A powdered material is wrapped in to a capsule. There are gelatin and plant-based and a capsule of HPMC.

Making tablet

It is a tablet which compressed the powdered material. Processing to the sugar-coated tablet which considered the material which the taste and a smell worry is also possible.

Raw material mixing

Handle with the greatest care about a prescription, and then each raw material is mixed.


Every grain is inspected carefully and few defects are not overlooked by any means.

Filling up・packing

Distribute and Wrap

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